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Herbal Tea SELECTION - Detox, Slimming, Diet, Wellbeing, Relax and Sleep tea bags


These are Pure Herbal teas from our expanding collection of magnificent herbs and spices. Lotus Today Wellbeing teas are made to meet your mood and taste. Take a moment, follow your...

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These are Pure Herbal teas from our expanding collection of magnificent herbs and spices. Lotus Today Wellbeing teas are made to meet your mood and taste. Take a moment, follow your heart and let you inner sense make the best Buy Now.

 14 Day TEATOX  : Revitalizing Green tea blend with crispy Ceylon Cinnamon, Stimulating Organic Root Ginger and Super Green Moringa with a hint of Mint for dynamic day. A dash of guava leaves to balance the effects of carbs. Making the best use of re useable tea bags, Sip 2-4 cups for lighter, slighter & fitter day

DETOX- Night Cleanse  : A gentle relaxing Detox tea blended with Aloe vera, fennel and Haritaki. Well worthy cuppa for the late evening or night. One cup every other day or when ever you feel like it

Mint Tea : The mint herbal tea is a refreshing and relaxing blend of Peppermint, Spearmint and holy Basil. Perfect after meal drink that’s rich in nutrients

Hibiscus tea  : Made of the best of its kind - Pure Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flowers. The flower tea is Stunning wine-red in colour, has captivating sour taste and Delightful aroma. Some say taste is similar to of cranberry. Enjoy the smooth but incredibly powerful pure hibiscus

Guava leaf Tea : Made of pure guava leaves. The much talked about Guava leaf boasts many anti -inflammatory properties. Guava leaves tea has an aroma that is similar to of guava fruit. Tastes pleasant with a subtle citrusy note to it. The caffeine free super leaves contain flavonoids

Turmeric Ginger & Pepper : Delicious and Healthy Herbal tea infusion with Golden Turmeric and Dried Organic ginger blended with a touch of Original Black pepper. Can be enjoyed with some hot milk or on its own

TEATOX – AYURVEDA : Herbal master blend with Ayurvedic recipe for dieters and non – dieters. Drinking hot is advisable, as the flavour gets stronger with time. Ingredients: Costus root, dried ginger, pomegranate extract, Arjuna herb, Tribulus Gokshura, Ceylon Cinnamon Bark, Green Cardamom, Himalayan white lotus)

Dandelion Detox Tea - Detox & Cleanse  : Feel good Detox Tea. Delicate and smooth Hibiscus flowers balances the mild bitterness of the dandelion while Cinnamon elevate the flavour, touch of Aloe vera for smoothness and hint of licorice is there to make the blend delicious every time.

Immune support tea : With the highs and lows of seasons, every now and then our immune system needs some support. Lotustoday Immune support tea is a premium Herbal tea with extensive ingredients of 18 herbs and spices Including Indian Gooseberry (Amla) that is extremely rich in vitamin C. Exclusively blended for us by a top expert in the field

Pure Green tea : Known for health benefits quality and taste – This is Ceylon green tea comes in tea bags for easy and faster brewing. Pure leaves -Nothing added. We always get fresh batches.

Moringa Tea : Caffeine free - Pure moringa super green leaves in bleach-free filter tea bags. Abundant in Vitamins, minerals and protein moringa is also anti- oxidant and anti- inflammatory. Highly sorted wellness herb is called miracle tree. In addition to tea bags you can have them as loose tea cuts and powder forms. They are great for salads, smoothies, shakes and cooking.

Horse Gram Tea : Horse gram is rich in polyphenols, flavonoids, proteins, dietary fiber, vitamins and iron. For maximum benefit, keep the tea bag after the first cup with water to soak for few hours for another sip. Blended with strong Assam Black tea and ginger

Pure Ginger tea  : A fine blend of thinner variety of fresh - sun dried ginger root, Stem ginger and galangal boasting a pleasant taste and aroma. Perfectly warming – not overpowering. Comes handy at any time

Pure Tulsi – Holy basil – Relax Tea : Peace, relax, clarity are some of the words simply goes with Tulsi, revered as Queen of all herbs in India. Sweet fragrance and soothing effect, Tulsi can be Perfect bedtime tea. Some call it meditation cha

Pure Fenugreek Tea : Perfect for faster absorption of pure fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek is an amazing spice that is rich in vitamins, minerals, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and dietary Fibre.  Just add freshly boiled water and let it brew for 4-5 Minutes and drink. Or you can also soak in water overnight and drink first thing in morning. 

Diet tea - Garcinia cambogia : Garcinia is a popular ingredient among dieters. The tea is blend of garcinia, Green tea and Hibiscus with a dash of cinnamon. May taste a bit sour but it may be well worth it.

Ceylon cinnamon Tea – chai tea : Pure spice tea made of the Glorious Ceylon cinnamon barks. This particular variety is known for many health benefits and its Delicious taste. Aroma of Ceylon cinnamon not overpowering like common types. It has a captivating sweet taste with a crispy feel. Ceylon cinnamon is also known as True Cinnamon. The barks are much thinner and delicate. Got the name from its origin Sri Lanka formally Ceylon. 

Lotus flower Tea : Refreshing Relaxing herbal tea blend Made of pink Lotus flower petals, Spearmint and warming sun dried root ginger with hint of licorice.

Gotu kola Tea : Keep forgetting things? Wish to be sharp as before? Gotu Kola is incredible greenery that nourishes and helps with healthy cognitive function with Lots of anti- aging properties. Also helps with healthy appetite and Digestion

Gymnema tea : Intriguing tea that Deals with sweet tooth Gymnema sylvestre is known as Sugar killer in India (Sakkara Kolli). A rare herb that is native to Tropical countries such as Sri Lanka and Southern India. Gymnema provide so much of hope and in the world of wellness. It is intriguing to know that that gymnema may help deal with sweet cravings or sweet tooth

Black Seed tea | Black cumin
Great Herbal tea for healthy lifestyles with a whole range of benefits
The real name of black seed is black cumin. You can find many Brands of black seed oil in the market however rarely you see Black cumin tea. Blended with ginger and Tulsi

Fennel tea | Digestive & Detox tea : Simple but powerful spice that helps the comfort of the stomach. From digestion to detox fennel is a friend in kitchen

Moringa peppermint : This is a Super-fresh Tea blend that for mind and body. Feel light after a meal; the combination of peppermint and Moringa never fails to do the magic. 

SPICY GINGER - Caffeinated : Kick - start your day with spicy ginger tea. Organic Dry ginger purposefully blended with strong Assam premium Black tea with a hint of black pepper. Can add Milk, honey or sweetener as you please

Ginger Moringa – Caffeine free : Whether early morning or late night - activate the best performer in you. Super leaf nourishment Moringa refreshes and rejuvenates while Ginger spice it up with warmth. Want more? Brew 2 tea bags in a larger mug with freshly boiled water

Tulsi - Ginger : Relax and align the inner sense of being with balancing Tulsi with recurring Freshness and rejuvenating sun dried ginger root. Warming, Soothing, Relaxing Herbal & Spice tea mix that is readily supports the immune system

Gooseberry tea : The fruit has enormous amount of vitamin C with citrus sweet taste to it. Indian gooseberry variety is called Amla - favourite fruit of the nation. This unique tea is blended with coriander and nutmeg

Fenugreek Speciality Blend : Healthy spice tea blend with incredible combination Fenugreek seeds and flowers, Dried Ginger, Ceylon cinnamon and hint of gymnema leaves

Cumin Tea Blend : Jeera or Cumin seeds usually used for cooking to better digestion and detox. The tea is blended with the Brilliant black seeds with dried ginger.

Black pepper tea : Full bodied, malty flavoured Strong Premium Assam tea blended with versatile spice Black pepper that is anti oxidant and anti- inflammatory

Bitter Gourd | Bitter Melon tea : Bitter Gourd is Known by many names such as Bitter melon, Caressie, and karela. The popular tropical fruit is known for its bitter taste and health benefits. The herbal tea come in filter tea bags For faster brewing and better absorption. Ingredients: Bitter gourd, Ceylon cinnamon, Gymnema and dried ginger



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