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Benefits of Moringa Leaf Tea. What moringa does
MORINGA TEA –REPLACE YOUR COFFEE! Moringa tea from Lotus Today Brand  DESCRIPTION: ENERGY/STAMINA/LIBIDO BOOSTER, MENSTRUAL CRAMPS AND BLOATING RELIEF The Moringa tea is rich in nutrition and contains Vitamin A, C, E. You will have already consumed your calcium, protein, and potassium....

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What is Green Tea? How green tea is processed? Green Tea and weight loss
What is green tea? ABOUT GREEN TEA: 
Green tea is a type of tea , where fresh tea leaves have been processed under controlled conditions preventing oxidation and fermentation for preserving the poly phenols in the final product. 
These poly phenols are called Catechins and have been identified as powerful ant-oxidants with enormous health benefits. 
One of the catechins, EGEC has been known to be responsible for many health benefits including weight loss, lipid( fat molecules) control. 

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How Fenugreek support Weight loss?

Fenugreek is known to reduce the feeling of hunger by making your stomach feel full. So that is great support in effort of losing weight. Specially helps reducing belly fat

Rich in fiber some research say fenugreek contains 75% water-soluble fiber.

Fenugreek does not contain unhealthy carbohydrates so this would be help not gaining unnecessary weight

As Fenugreek increases metabolic rate of the body it naturally reduces calorie consumption that leads to loose weight.

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