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Detox Tea Blends |Slimming Tea| Diet Tea| Organic Tea| Herbal Tea |Green tea Selection


The herbs and Spices are chosen from all around the world after through research and a selection process. Each of our blends are filled with benefits, flavours and richness.  The tea...


  • Detox tea - Night Time tea - Cleansing and calming
  • Weight loss Detox tea - Slimming Fat burner - Non Laxative
  • Moringa tea – Moringa leaf tea
  • Tulsi Tea - Holy basil tea
  • Hibiscus tea
  • Fenugreek tea blend
  • Cinnamon tea | Ceylon Cinnamon tea
  • Avaram flower tea
  • Garcinia cambogia tea
  • Gymnema sylvestre tea
  • Aloe vera tea| Detox tea blend
  • Horse gram tea | Horse gram slimming tea blend
  • Black Cumin tea | Cumin tea blend
  • Fennel tea | Digestive & Detox tea
  • Green tea extract tablets


  • 21 TEA BAGS
  • 15 TEA BAGS
  • 30 TEA BAGS
  • 30 TABLETS
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The herbs and Spices are chosen from all around the world after through research and a selection process. Each of our blends are filled with benefits, flavours and richness. 

The tea blends are double packed to keep the freshness and aroma.  Every pack comes in a ziplock standup pouch so can open it from top and reseal to keep the goodness intact.

If you are looking to go organic or more healthier herbal drink options or to Detox, Weight loss, Calm Relax, Gain more Energy, Increase Libido, Sleep well or overall wellbeing Please scroll down to see the varieties of herbal teas and food supplements.

Following are best herbal and spice tea blends from around the world. they have amazing benefits. Please feel free to have a read online. You can take advantage of our discount policy by choosing larger quantity  

Detox tea - Night Time tea - Cleansing and calming in nature : This is a speciality organic tea that helps smoothly cleanse toxins from the body, it also helps with digestion and give relief from bloating. It Can be a very good night time herbal tea. very effective tea. Drink plenty of water during the process. Ingredients: Aloe vera, hartaki, Nutmeg and fennel seed. Choose 10day supply, 14 supply or more

Weight loss Detox tea - Slimming Fat burner - Non Laxative : This tea blend is a outcome of tremendous amount of serious research on weight loss. Just take one slimming Fat burner Weight loss tea in the morning. If you like you can make more cups by adding hot water to the same tea bags on the same day.  You can even take it before your workout: the ingredients helps attack fat, Helps digestion, boasts energy to keep you active and energised while working towards your goal

Ingredients: Costus root, dried ginger, pomegranate extract, Arjuna herb,Tribulus Gokshura, Ceylon Cinnamon Bark, Green Cardamom, himalayan white lilly 

Choose 14 day supply, 28 day supply or more for more discounts

Note: It will be ideal if you buy one set of 28 day supply of Slimming fat burner (this one) and one set of 14 day supply of Detox (the one above) together as a complete set that last almost for a month. If you do that please Take the Detox tea every other day whilst drinking Slimming fat burner everyday 


Moringa tea : Refreshing mornings with full of energy, but no caffeine!! sounds good? Our organic Moringa superfood tea is made for that.  Moringa is a superfood that is Rich in vitamins and minerals. lotus today Moringa tea is tropical, organic and high potent. Moringa has enormous benefits its really worth reading about it.
Moringa leaf herbal tea could be an excellent alternative for a caffeine free option 
Our Moringa tea tastes Nice and its naturally caffeine free. 
choose 14 bags, 21bags or more for more discounts

Tulsi Tea - Holy basil tea : Tulsi is called Queen of all herbs in Indian ayurvedic tradition. The Best relax herbal tea ever. The blend is made of three best type of tulsi herbs, Vana tulsi, Rama tulsi and krishna tulsi. This is a theraputic herb thats helps unwind, sleep well, Supports immune system and provides amazing benefits for our overall wellbeing. Works as a sacred healer on mind; body and spirit. Choose tulsi herbal tea 10 bags, 15 bags, 30 bags or more for more discounts.

Hibiscus tea : Made from the dark red hibiscus flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa) a known herbal remedy. this organic herbal tea comes in eco friendly package. Our delicate Hibiscus flowers are carefully chosen to bring maximum benefits, flavour and taste. Ingredients: 100% pure dried hibiscus flower petals, processed with expert knowledge. Choose, 14 tea bags, 21 tea bags or more for more discounted price

Fenugreek tea blend : Organic fenugreek tea herbal and spice tea blend. this is a unique blend inspired from south Asia, where people drink the fenugreek seeds in the morning after soaking them overnight with cold water to naturally balance the sugar levels due the amount of rice they eat. The bitter tasting fenugreek seeds combined with fenugreek seeds and leaves with a touch of Gymnema sylvestre leaves brings enormous benefits. 

Choose 14 bags, 21 bags or more for more discounts.

Cinnamon tea | Ceylon Cinnamon tea : There are many cinnamon teas in the market but the best is Ceylon cinnamon, also known as true cinnamon. Ceylon is the colonial name for Srilanka, an island blessed with natures abundance in Indian ocean. Our organic cinnamon tea is made from top grade Ceylon cinnamon to bring delicious detox experience. A warm cup of cinnamon tea could be a mood lifter at any day any time. Naturally caffeine free. Sweet and refreshing taste with aroma that is not overpowering. a blend with finest Ceylon black tea 

choose 15 tea bags, 30 tea bags or more for more discounts

Avaram flower tea : Avaram flower herbal tea is naturally caffeine free. It is from a delicate yellow flower that could be boiled and drink. Our herbal tea range includes this interesting flower tea into tea bags. The flower has detoxification and anti ageing quality. Known to have amazing benefits including youthfulness to the skin.

choose 14 bags, 21 bags or more for more discounts

Garcinia cambogia tea : Garcinia cambogia is the main herb in this speciality herbal tea. The purpose of this blend is to create a combination of natures most powerful herbs and spices into single tea bags. this herbal tea could be a best support for anyone who aspire to get in shape. Ingredients: Garcinia cambogia extract, Organic herbs and finest spices. Take one or tea bag a day. Some people make 2 or 3 cups of tea by adding hot water to the same tea bag on the same day.

Choose 14 tea bags, 28 tea bags or more for more discounts 

Gymnema sylvestre tea : Nature has everything we need, but not everyone has the access to everything. Gymnema sylvestre is a rare but most powerful herb that comes as a gift from nature. gymnema sylvestre is also known as sugar burner/ sugar killer in india (sakkara kolli)

Gymnema sylvestre herbal tea blend is Full of flavours, richness and benefits with added herbs and spices.

Ingredients: Gymnema sylvestre, Bitter gourd, fenugreek seeds, salacia and szylium cumini) choose 14 bags, 21 bags or more 

Aloe vera tea| Detox tea blend : We all like to have days that we feel very comfortable about ourselves. Arn't we? that goes to smooth looking skin, comfortable feeling in the tummy, feeling fit and having a sense of feeling good. Super market shelves have many products that are made of Aloe Vera for external use. 
But rarely you think of having warm cup of tea made of Aloe vera. 
Having nice hot cup of tea made from  Aloe Vera  with a touch of finest Black tea is totally a different experience. the body loves the feel of it. Melting aloe gel blends with black tea provide so much of antioxidants. 
Aloe vera is herb is really a gift from the Mother Nature. It has got many therapeutic qualities and a soothing nature. Choose 10day, 14 day or 28 day supply or more

Horse gram tea  | Horse gram slimming tea blend 
Horse gram is one of the potent lentils from tropical countries. It is rich in high  calcium and protein. Horse gram also rich in polyphenols. People report amazing results in weight loss efforts when they drink Horse gram herbal tea blend. Ingredietns: Horsegram, dried ginger, ceylon cinnamon and green tea 
choose 14 tea bags, 28 tea bags or more 

Black Cumin tea | Cumin tea blend
If you are looking to choose a healthy lifestyle with a whole range of benefits whilst  tastes nice, Black seed tea is the choice. 
The real name of black seed is black cumin. 
Black Cumin is powerful and magical for wellbeing. for thousands of years In Ayurveda tradition Black cumin has been applied both internal external use. 
You can find many Brands of black seed oil in the market but rarely you see Black cumin herbal tea bags. 
Maybe that’s because there is not enough awareness of use and benefits of black cumin or Black seed. 
infused with aniseed and fennel lotus today Black cumin herbal tea blend tastes nice so anyone can enjoy it without worrying about the taste. 
In counties like India and Sri Lanka Black seed is used in the cooking process for its warm aroma and digestion. 
black cumin or black seed shouldn't be limited to oil forms. It has been used thousands of years in the form of hot drink and powder. 
Benefits of black seed or Black cumin are enormous. 

choose: 15 tea bags, 30 bags or more for more discounts

Fennel tea | Digestive & Detox tea : According to herbalists and Ayurveda experts Fennel herbal tea helps support  digestion. Fennel is one the very important spice used in Indian cooking and consumed as necessary food everyday. simple but powerful spice that  known to Help with gas and Bloating with all the other benefits including detoxification 
Choose 15 day supply, 30 supply or more

Green tea extract tablets  : 500mg 30 Pill 10000mg eq= VERY STRONG Very hight strength Green tea tablets. 
There is NO fillers whatsoever. 
Each 500mg tablet contains 10,000mg equivalent amount of green tea leaves.
95% TOTAL POLY PHENOLS (catchins) 
equivalent to 7-8 cups of authentic Green Tea
50% EGCG  
How to take Lotus today Green Tea Tablets  
one or two tablet per day before breakfast or lunch. Preferably on a mid day before evening. 
keep in a cool dry place 

How to take:  

Place the tea bags in a mug of hot water to steep for about 8-10 minutes. The longer you leave the stronger the flavour will be. To make use of tea bags it is optional to make more then one cup of tea using the same tea bag on the same day.



No artificial colours or flavours in our tea blends. 

All comes in eco friendly Ziplock stand up pouches, that can easily squeeze thorough the letter box.


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Pricing: We try our best to keep the price low while keeping the highest quality standards. 


Detox tea - night time tea - cleansing and calming, Weight loss detox tea - slimming fat burner - non laxative, Moringa tea – moringa leaf tea, Tulsi tea - holy basil tea, Hibiscus tea, Fenugreek tea blend, Cinnamon tea | ceylon cinnamon tea, Avaram flower tea, Garcinia cambogia tea, Gymnema sylvestre tea, Aloe vera tea| detox tea blend, Horse gram tea | horse gram slimming tea blend, Black cumin tea | cumin tea blend, Fennel tea | digestive & detox tea, Green tea extract tablets


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Detox tea - Night Time tea - Cleansing and calming / 10 DAY SUPPLY - £3.99