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Fenugreek seed Benefits? does fenugreek really work?

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Can fenugreek help Balance sugar levels 

Benefits of Fenugreek seed

As food and drink Fenugreek is well known to support

  • Weight loss – Burning Fat – Reduce hunger
  • Helps Blood pressure control
  • Helps maintain healthy Blood sugar levels
  • Increases Sexual interest and libido
  • Helps Digestion and appetite

How Fenugreek support Weight loss?

Fenugreek is known to reduce the feeling of hunger by making your stomach feel full. So that is great support in effort of losing weight. Specially helps reducing belly fat

Rich in fiber some research say fenugreek contains 75% water-soluble fiber.

Fenugreek does not contain unhealthy carbohydrates so this would be help not gaining unnecessary weight

As Fenugreek increases metabolic rate of the body it naturally reduces calorie consumption that leads to loose weight.

Fenugreek supports Sugar and cholesterol levels?

Fenugreek is helps increase insulin release.

It helps breakdown of fats and helps support metabolism

Fenugreek stimulate cells in pancreas leading to release insulin.

Having fenugreek on empty stomach in the morning and after every meal helps maintain sugar levels

Supports maintaining healthy sugar levels

Increases metabolic rates

Helps control blood pressure

Helps maintain liver and kidney health

Fenugreek’s role in Stomach and digestion support

Traditionally people use fenugreek to heal upset stomach, inflammation of the stomach etc.

As a food fenugreek support control sugar levels, cholesterol levels, supports bone heath, heart health, painful menstruation, joint health, and thyroid

Fenugreek supports digestion

Fenugreek as Sexual wellbeing support

Fenugreek in know have boost testosterone levels and libido

Fenugreek also known to support sexual wellness of both men and women

Breastfeeding moms consume fenugreek to promote milk flow.


Nothing but 100% Fenugreek Seed tea that is organic and natural.  

Usage: UK Based lotus Today Brand brings pure Fenugreek seed in Tea bags 

So its make life easier . Let’s say drink two cups per day and try not to extend the amount. Recommended to drink a cup during the day and one during the evening.

Preparation : Simple! Just add one tea bag in a cup and pour freshly boiled water into the cup. Leave the tea bag in for about 3-4minutes. Of course, if you like it stronger then leave the tea bag in the cup throughout your drink. Enjoy

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