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Black seed Tea |Black Cumin Tea | The Wonder herb

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Black Cumin| Black seed Detox Burn Fat 
If there is one herb in the world that we all should have it everyday for all seasons that is Black seed/ Black Cumin. 
If you are looking to choose a healthy lifestyle with a whole range of benefits and tastes so nice Black seed tea is the choice.
the real name of black seed is black cumin.
Black Cumin has all the health benefits and can be used many different ways. for thousands of years In Ayurvedic tradition Black cumin has been applied both internal external use. 
you can find many Brands of black seed oil in the market but rarely you Black seed tea bags.
maybe thats because there is not enough awareness of use and benefits of black cumin or Black seed. 
Black seed tea tastes so nice so anyone can enjoy it without worrying about the taste.
In counties like India and Srilanka Black seed used in the cooking process for its warm aroma. 
black cumin or black seed shouldn't be limited to oil forms. It has been used thousands of years  in the form of tea and powder. 
Benefits of black seed or Black cumin is enormous. traditional herbalists and expert Ayurvedic people say that Black cumin can heal anything But death.
Benefits of black seed or black cumin:
Remarkably supports balancing cholesterol levels in blood 
Best ever Detox agent 
Burns fat faster including the tough belly fat
Gives long term relief for chronic cough and mild but recurring headaches
Helps balance the nervous system 
Rebalance hormonal in-balance caused  due to stress and anxiety
Helps control blood sugar levels and repair the cells in Pancreas 
Heals the gastric trouble 
Supports heart function 
Nice tasting anti ageing  drink
Helps reduce snoring and breathing issues 
Helps with boosting memory power
Helps with sperm count 
the list is not exhaustive 
How to take black seed / Black cumin Tea
To detox or overcome bloating issues its best to have it  the morning on empty stomach 
But again there is no specific time to have a nice cup of Black seed tea.
Can add honey If you like 
Naturally caffeine free 
2 -3 bags per day is suitable 
Notes: Not know to have any side effects
Its not a medicine  its a important and essential food that we all should have everyday for long and healthy life 

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